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Super Hasee Bounce is muchharder than it looks.

Hi, fellow white feminists.


I have heard multiple POCs say that white people should shut up a listen whenever someone is telling them that they’re being racist. So, as a general rule, how about we all do just that? If a POC says you just said something racist, resist the urge to get defensive and figure out how you can adjust your life so that you will not be racist again. And racism goes way beyond aggressive acts and derogatory words. Watch out for subtle racism. This is a good reference for that.

It’s especially depressing when I see it come from the feminist community. If you really want to claim that feminism is for everybody, make it safe for everybody. We claim all the time that the third wave is different from second wave and we’re not like the white-centric feminists before us but I still see it way too often. It’s not just on Tumblr either, but on a national level (remember the racist Slutwalk sign?)

I love feminism. I want to truly believe it is for everybody, but it’s just not there yet. It’s tainted with racist and cissexist people. I’m not going to give up on my movement, though, and I hope that one day we can make it be a safe space for any human being. But it starts on an individual level first. Check your privilege and any internalized prejudices you may have and then educate those around you. Don’t just let it slide when someone makes a racist comment. Don’t look away because it’s an uncomfortable subject for you. Confront it.

summary of dragonageconfessions


  • anders is EVIL and BAD and his FANS ARE STOOPID AND SMELL LIKE OGRE POOP ugh nasty stank
  • fenris is MEAN and STOOPID how does ANY1 like him?????????? idgi????
  • (insert lady character here) is a (insert misogynistic slur here) and she may have looked at MY PRECIOUS BABY ALISTAIR once so she has to die whether she was nice or mean to him BECAUSE NO ONE CAN LOOK AT HIM BESIDES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cue hordes of people reblogging the last secret crying about their fandom persecution complex because they can’t say they don’t like (insert lady character here) without people saying they are SEXIST!!!!! da fandom is full of h8rs!!!!
  • repeat



My thoughts exactly.


My thoughts exactly.

Good night everyone….


…. when you wake up in the morning…. never forget that I think you’re a wonderful and beautiful individual. And that you make this world so colorful with just being you.

Why do girls always feel like they have to apologize for giving an opinion or taking up space in the world? Have you ever noticed that?” Nicole asked. “You go on websites and some girl leaves a post and if it’s longer than three sentences or she’s expressing her thoughts about some topic, she usually ends with, ‘Sorry for the rant’ or ‘That may be dumb, but that’s what I think.

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray (via actias)

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broodmother knows whats up.


broodmother knows whats up.